How to Accessorize a “LBD” – Casual

Sometimes purchasing a LBD or “little black dress” can be for a special occasion, or just to add that staple piece to your wardrobe, but somehow it ends up in the back of your closet because you haven’t had that “special occasion” come up for you to wear it to. Here I have accessorized a little black dress in an everyday appropriate style so that you can really get your use out of this piece.


First of all, I love how this dress has a collar and button placket. It adds such an interesting and structured feel to the dress. Not to mention it also has pockets so its functional! I love a good dress with pockets, and am usually sold as soon as I notice that feature is included.

So to style this dress in a casual way, I paired it with flats. Flats are comfortable and in my opinion, take away any “sexy vibes” a little black dress can create. To further my trend with the flats, I added a matching mohair cheetah print belt. By matching the accessories, which are printed, draws the eye away from the dress itself and to the details. Personally I love cheetah print. It is so fun and fierce! And the flats with that exaggerated flower just adds a touch of cuteness!


The fun thing about LBD’s is you can accessorize them so many different ways that one dress can seem like 5! Possibilities are limitless with this blank canvas, you just have to buy the right silhouette and style that is best for you. So bring you special dress out of the closet and give it a twirl, everyday can be a special day!

Dress & Belt: Express

Handbag: Henri Bendel

Shoes: Juicy Couture

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