A Weekenders Guide To Seattle

So this past weekend Jhonathan and I took and impromptu trip to Seattle! Since this was the first time visiting there for the both of us, and seeing as we were only going to be there for the weekend, we wanted to pack in the best spots possible for the time-frame we had. So if you ever find yourself on a layover in Seattle, or just have a day to explore there, here are some must-see places!

Where We Stayed

Our accommodations were at the W Seattle. This hotel is not only beautiful with modern appointments, but it also features great live entertainment in the evening, comfortable spacious rooms, excellent customer service, and is walking distance from a lot of sights!


Favorite Breakfast

Sweet Iron seriously has the best waffles EVER! Just two short blocks from our hotel, this trendy breakfast spot was a must! Jhonathan and I tried two from the menu, one sweet, the chocolate dipped waffle, and one savory, the bacon with maple syrup, and loved both! The waffle is so soft and made to order. All ingredients are fresh and served to perfection. I also ordered hot chocolate, which was the optimal choice to finish off breakfast.

For Pictures

I know everyone wants to see the space needle, but how do you get a great picture of it? Go to Kerry Park! Kerry Park is on the Queen Anne hill, about a 15 minute drive from where our hotel was located. This park is on a hill, and provides the perfect view of the skyline, and on a clear day, Mount Rainier! We weren’t so lucky to get a glimpse of the mountain, but we were able to get the skyline.

The Market & Starbucks

After breakfast, we walked over to the market and stopped at the very first ever Starbucks! I of course had to pick up a few souvenir mugs, coffee, and get myself a hot cider to drink.


The Pike Place Market was not at all what I expected! It was so large with many floors and seriously has a shop for everyone! There are levels of stores, from fish, tea, to magic stores, comic books and collector model cars…everything! You could honestly spend an entire day here, there is just so much to see!

Quick eats

One of my favorite things about NYC is the easy access to food, i.e. street food (hotdogs and chicken kabobs) We found a park area across from Macy’s that had just the thing!

Speaking of Macy’s, since we were visiting in December they had their window displays set for Christmas and it was totally amazing!

And yes, if you a breathing, I am sure you have heard of Christian Grey. Well this is where he lived in the movies and the books. Sooooo obviously I had to take a quick snap of the Escala on our walk.


So the two bars we had to check off of our list on this trip were: Canon and The Nest.

Canon is a whiskey bar with a spirit collection of over 4,000 labels serving AMAZING specialty drinks in quirky serveware, with the perfect amount of gastro/old timey vibe!

The Nest is a rooftop bar in the Thompson hotel. It features beautiful views of the city and an amazing space to relax and have a drink while watching the ferry, ferris wheel, and city life.

Seattle is such a great city, and I cannot wait to visit again! Even though it rained the entire trip, that didn’t take away from the fun! I will mention I did not expect the amount of hills! LOL so yes, keep that in mind if you plan on walking, phew! But I did love that even with the rain my hair did not mess up! There is not all the humidity like we have here in Houston so I could actually fix my hair and it would hold through the weather!

The buildings are beautiful, the transportation is easy and convenient, the food is great and I cannot recommend it more! Next time I’m planning on checking out the mountains so I guess a spring or summer trip is is store?!