A Day with Houston Pets Alive

As most of you know, I am a dog mom and both of my boxer pups were rescues. I strongly believe in adopting pups, and giving them that second chance at the amazing life they deserve. So when Houston Pets Alive reached out to me for a little help, I jumped at the opportunity!


If you haven’t heard of Houston Pets Alive, they are a non-profit organization with a huge heart, and mission to make Houston the largest no-kill city in the country. They work to save pups from being euthanized and assist in finding them forever homes.


Myself, Kristine of Kristine’s Kaleidoscope, and Alessandra of Alessandra Laura all spent the day at the Stella Link shelter location, to learn a bit more about Houston Pets Alive, meet the animals currently up for adoption, and spread the word!

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The shelter is run by an amazing and inspiring staff alongside daily volunteers – which they are always in need of! The pets are all well attended to, and are provided a private kennel, water and food bowl, with blankets and a toy. They have veterinary assistance available to care for those at risk, and strive to keep the pups as happy and comfortable as possible. While there, we spent some time walking a few of the pups and gave as many of them love as possible. The air in the shelter is full of hope, and you can feel that even in the pets. They know they are in a safe space, and are just waiting for that special someone to come and take them to their forever home.


If you are looking for ways to help out, or want further information on the pups we have featured feel free to check out the HPA website! There are so many options that one is sure to be perfect! I have even listed a few ways below!


Since this is a 7-day a week operation, volunteers are always needed! Assisting in taking the pups out on walks, cleaning their kennels, taking a pup out for the day for a fun activity via the “Doggy’s Day Out” program, or even providing them with their freedom ride from kill shelter to safety at Houston Pets Alive. All are opportunities you can jump in and help out with. 


Temporary and short-term fostering is an amazing opportunity to care for a pup from your home. This gets them out of the shelter, making room for another, and helps acclimate them to home life. It can also be the difference between life and death for some at-risk pets. 


With over 350 animals currently looking for forever families, Houston Pets Alive is always looking to adopt out animals to people looking to provide a loving deserving pet with a forever home. Adoptions are held daily at the shelter location, and pets are view-able from their website.


The shelter also accepts monetary donations which can be made to their website. This way your contribution can go straight towards whatever the shelter needs at that immediate time. It will also go towards Houston Pets Alive hope to relocate out of their make-shift shelter to a more permanent location. 

Item Donations:

The shelter is always in need of items such as hand sanitizer, paper towels, and special diet dog food. 

The shelter also hosts events you can attend! Click here to see their calendar!

I hope this inspires you to help out a dog or cat in need! I was completely humbled by my time at the shelter and will be working with them again in the future to help out in whatever ways I can.

Thank you Houston Pets Alive for all you do!


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