Acapulco Travel Guide

Hi Friends! So last month I vacationed to Acapulco and wanted to share some of my favorite stops with you!

If you are interested in seeing my layover adventures in Mexico City, I’ll have that blog post up soon!

Acapulco is such a lush and tropical beach destination just a few short hours (by plane) from Houston! For this trip, we decided to stay at a resort and the one we selected was The Grand Mayan – a Vidanta property. Just a short 10 minute taxi ride from the airport and we were there!

The resort was absolutely breathtaking! We checked in at night so we left exploring for the morning. That evening we stopped at the bar and watched the evening performance.


The room was spacious and comfortable with luxurious bedding and toiletries. After a good night’s sleep we woke bright and early to start our first day of adventuring.

While exploring the property I sported my Stronger athletic wear. This brand is so comfortable and perfect for any climate! After we checked out the grounds it was time to change and venture off property.



Favorite Places / Activities

So the two things I think everyone needs to stop and do/see when in Acapulco are: releasing baby sea turtles and visit the Diego Rivera mural.

Releasing baby sea turtles was seriously one of the coolest things I think I have ever done! Before the release you watch a short film on conservation and the life cycle of sea turtles that way you fully understand the importance of this release!

Holding the tiny turtle and watching it take its first steps to the ocean was so touching!

As for the Diego Rivera wall, I was taken aback by the sheer size of the mural, which seems to come out of nowhere! It is just off of the side of a building on a random street, as if it is nothing special…perfect for a photo op! There is so much detail in this piece, that I wish I could have captured it all for you! The mixed materials and mosaic design are so beautiful and entrancing, a must see!

Here are a few photos from our other Acapulco stops, enjoy! From learning about gemstone mining and jewelry, to food, poolside drinks, local iguanas, and scenic outlook spots.


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