2 Minute Glam Transformation with TeaseHTX Hair

For NYFW I had the amazing opportunity to collab with Tease HTX hair! This local company offers remy clip-ins, perfect for enhancing your look in literally seconds!

In the pictures above I have demonstrated what a difference the extensions make! Here I have set this post up as in a quick Q&A style including my thoughts on the extensions, how I would style/wear them, and lots of images so you can see just how natural this hair really looks! Enjoy, and I hope you find this helpful! 🙂


So first things first; what length, and color did I get?

I was color matched for #18 Chai Tea Latte, and am wearing the 20″ length clip-ins.

How much do the extensions cost?

There are two length options available so the prices range between $129 and $149 for the classic shades, and $179 for the ombre hair.

How do you style them?

Since these extensions are real hair, you are curl, or straighten the hair as you wish! I like to curl and brush the extensions out before I install them. – This is my preference and I have noticed it gives me the most natural finish. I also style my hair as usual i.e. curl or straighten before installing the extensions. This avoids pulling, extra tension and I feel cuts down on the time it takes to get ready. Once my hair is ready, and the extensions are ready I install them and blend with my fingers.



Do this clips hurt?

Each weft has a lace piece attached to the hair to avoid irritation and provide stability, and each sewn-in clip has teeth as well as a silicone strip to provide a secure grip. The reason I call this out is because these features keep the extensions from moving around and adding tension to the scalp. The clips stay secure creating less pulling and pinching. I will say there is a slight discomfort the first time wearing all 10 wefts, but only because I personally was not used to the added weight. After that I didn’t notice any discomfort.

Are they difficult to install?

No, not at all! The wonderful thing about clip-ins is it is super simple to install them yourself! I have found it best to start at the base of my neck and work my way up. Also when taking off the extensions I start at the top of my head and work my way down. You want to leave the clips open after removal so that they are easy to install for your next use. This also helps to preserve the clips as you are not opening and closing them in excess.



My favorite pro is that the hair is removable. I personally have very thick hair. It takes me a long time to wash, blow dry and style my hair even when at the length it currently is! When my hair was naturally long it took me forever to complete these tasks so my hair ended up in a bun a lot. Since this hair is removable I have the ability to take it off when I get home, it is ready to go all of the time as it does not have to be washed and re-styled upon every use, and you have the option of such versatility! Also you instantly can have long hair! No need to wait years to grow it out! Also, if you bleach your hair, as I do, it is super difficult to grow it out as your ends are always needing to be trimmed or are breaking off. Versus leaving those ratty ends attached to keep from trimming that precious length off, extensions give you the flexibility to keep your hair healthy and trimmed while looking long and luxurious!


The con is the same as the pro actually. Since the hair is removable you have to take it off and make adjustments to it often. And what I mean by often is daily. So lets say you just install it for an event, chances are you will not need to make an adjustment, but if you were to wear it for an entire day, yes, at some point you many need to fix weft of two. And that is seriously the only “con” I have. There really isn’t anything negative I can say! 🙂 


Overall thoughts

I absolutely LOVE these extensions and would totally wear them every day if I could! They create an instant change to my look and at such an affordable price! Definitely check out Tease HTX if you are thinking about changing your look! Its such a simple way to give yourself a luxe touch without the hefty salon price tag.

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