Traveling Tips: How I Packed for NYFW with Only a Carry On

To many of you I’m sure this is going to sound pretty crazy. How could a fashion blogger possibly take only a carry on to NYFW? Well here’s how it did it!

#1 Comfort and versatility is key!

Bring shoes and accessories that you can wear with multiple looks. Skip on the pair of heels that you will only wear with one look and pack the boots that go with everything and are comfortable. I say this because there is an overwhelming amount of walking to be done. On average, we walked 7 miles a day!  – Keep that in mind before you pack those stilettos… chances are they will just be taking up space in your luggage.

#2 Plan your ensembles out ahead of time

This is a really big one. I always pack extra, but this was a really incremental part of me managing only a carry on. Take only what you will actually wear! As a blogger, I needed to average 3 ensembles a day. So that meant I had to coordinate 9ish outfits. The reason for so many is morning and evening looks, along with additional ensembles to shoot in. By curating and stylizing my ensembles ahead of time, I knew exactly what I would be wearing which day and with what accessories. This limits un-needed access.

#3 Create a Final Cut

So when I packed, I made sure every piece would be worn and made sense for the occasions and looks I was aiming to create. If it didn’t make sense, I didn’t bring it. Here is what made my cut!

My carry on packing list:


  • Elaine Turner Ally Crossbody
  • Jewelry roll storage: held 3 pairs of earrings, 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, contacts and toothbrush
  • Felt hat
  • Curling Iron
  • Straightener






Now to make this work, I chose to wear one of the shoes I selected so that I only needed to pack one pair, and I decided to wear a top and jeans so again, this cuts down on a few of the larger pieces that would otherwise be in the bag.

The next tip to make this work is space saver bags! I cannot rave enough about these bags! They have assisted me on multiple trips! All of the ensembles I packed for this trip fit into 2 bags and with the air out, took up minimal space.

The contents above is what all I had to place in my carry on. Everything easily fit with space to spare! If you are looking for a great sized, affordable carry on check out Target!

So that’s it! I hope you found this helpful if you are looking to travel with less baggage! As for my chargers, medications, and makeup, those were all stored in my tote as I like to keep those items handy! Happy travels!

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