First Impressions: David Douglas Beauty

So I really want to start off this post with some confessions. Over the past few years I have not taken very good care of my hair. With color, bleach, stripping of color, color, bleach, and repeat. My endless desire to change my hair has really brought damage to it over the years. This year I have really focused on ways to pamper my hair and give it some much needed TLC, so when David Douglas Beauty reached out, I of course welcomed the opportunity to try out their product line!

David Douglas Beauty is a professional hair care company founded in 2002, offering products made with high quality ingredients and best of all, never tests on animals. So lets get started with my review!


The products I have tested on my hair include:

Packaging website and ordering

The packaging is sleek and minimalist, perfect in my opinion for hair products, that way the focus is on what is inside! The website is beautiful, and is neatly categorized by Product Type, Hair Treatment, and Hair Concerns. This makes it super easy to find exactly what you are looking for. As for shipment, my order came quickly and everything arrived safely. Each item was securely sealed with no leaks or damages.


Violet Products

The violet shampoo is a deep shade of purple and has similar texture to other violet shampoos I have tried. The benefits of this particular brand are the quality of ingredients and, for me the fact the I don’t have to sacrifice feel for color. Normally when I use color toning shampoos my hair is left feeling brittle and dry on the ends. That is simply not the case with this violet shampoo. My hair felt clean and workable. There is no heavy leftover residue, just soft clean hair that looks brighter and a cooler shade of blonde even after one use!

For the sealer, the shade is a pastel purple and has what appear to be sparkles in the formula. You apply to towel dried hair, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse with cool water. I really like this product! It sort of feels like a conditioner but not as heavy and doesn’t leave hair weighed down. You have the option to leave it in longer based on the shade you are trying to achieve, which is really cool, and again, I like this product because it is not over drying of harsh. – best of all it does not stain my fingers!

Over the next few uses of the violet products, I have noticed my hair has felt softer as well as brighter. When you have bleached hair, it can often feel very dry especially if you wash it too often. Since using these two products I have noticed that I can extend the life of my hair between washes, as it does not produce as much oil at my scalp, so that I can go 2.5 days between washes versus everyday. This process is much healthier on hair so I am very pleased with this product and its payoff so far.

I have been using these two products as my regular routine to keep my hair shiny and its best shade of blonde.


My New Straight Hair Regimen

Now these products are the real game changer for me. I have always struggled to manage straight hair. With the Houston humidity, and the fact that I have curly/wavy hair, even with the best straightener I end up with a frizzy mess every time! With the Keratin infused products, and spray straight I am able to achieve my straightest hair that lasts!

Keratin Infused Shampoo and Conditioner

On days when I want to straighten my hair I have been using the keratin products. The formula is thick and provides a rich lather. My hair is left feeling clean and ready for styling.


Styling Products

Following the wash, I towel dry my hair and apply the Keratin Infused Serum then blow dry. The serum is by far my favorite smelling product, seriously it smells amazing! It is not too oily or sticky and doesn’t leave my hair greasy. To finish off, I apply the spray straight. This is seriously the miracle product when it comes to keeping my hair straight. It does slightly change the texture of my hair…meaning you can tell there is product in it, but it looks natural and reduces frizziness which keeps my hair tamed in the humidity. Basically I would like to know where this product has been all my life?! 😀

To Sum It Up

My overall thoughts on the David Douglas brand is the products are very high quality and perform as described. They definitely surpassed my expectations, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their blonde, combat frizziness, or just want to enhance the appearance of their hair! David Douglas the go-to for it all!

Here is a great example of my results! The left image is what happens to my hair is the humidity, before I had David Douglas products, the right image is how my hair withstands the heat and humidity with David Douglas products!


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