Charcoal Toothpaste: Does It Work

I recently purchased Charcoal toothpaste from a local Houston Business named: No Crap In It. This is my first time purchasing charcoal toothpaste, though I have been curious to try it for a while. No Crap In It offers products with just that, nothing artificial, or toxic, just natural organic goodness! So if figured if I was going to try this type of toothpaste, this was the way to go!

No Crap In It offers 2 flavors of charcoal toothpaste; Chocolate and Peppermint. I decided to go safe with the classic peppermint this time around.

On my first use the consistency was a bit strange and uneven. I will also say that the flavor is not like regular store-bought toothpaste, it is not as sweet or sticky. The toothpaste is grainy and minty similar to the texture of toothpaste used at the dentist office. When I finished brushing my teeth I immediately noticed a whiter appearance, but what really surprised me was how clean my teeth felt! Similar to when I exfoliate my skin, the teeth felt silky smooth! I will also add I did not have any gum irritation.

I have now implemented this product into my routine using this toothpaste a few times a week to keep my teeth looking ultra fresh and white.

If you are interested in trying charcoal toothpaste, I totally recommend it! Yes, it is weird at first and takes some getting used to but the results and quality of the product are totally worth it! No Crap In It’s charcoal toothpaste starts at $12.99 and at that price, why not try it out? That is way cheaper than whitening kits and much safer for your teeth and gums. So give it a go! Your teeth will thank you.