Heavenly Organics

I recently had the opportunity to try out the brand Heavenly Organics. This company has some of the tastiest honey I have ever tried, along with delicious chocolate treats!

The Brand Story

What mostly attracted me to the brand was the story behind it. All of the honey used in Heavenly Organics products were extracted in a sustainable, bee-friendly, and smoke-free way. A way that the founder’s father created, and shared with other local farmers. This ethical company currently supports over 600 family farmers and has been leading the authentic fair trade movement.

The company was “built on the belief that products can create peace, and will continue to expand on their early ideas of respecting the earth, animals, mankind and all who contribute to the circle of life.

How amazing is that!?

I also found it really interesting to see the difference in benefits between raw honey over processed. If you are interested in seeing this, chart I have attached the link. 🙂

Taste and Packaging

So the next thing that really attracted me to this brand was the packaging! I mean, how cute is it? I love all of the bright colors, and and intricate circular logo design. It just makes you want to smile looking at it!


Now on to the taste! The chocolate patties come in a variety of flavors, and all of the options I tried were delicious. My favorite was the mint chocolate honey option. If you love dark chocolate then this is the candy for you! The cocoa is bitter and delicious, with the hint of sweet honey and peppermint to tie the flavors together creating a decedent sweet treat to please any sweet tooth! I also enjoyed knowing exactly what was in the candy. The ingredients are so minimal; you can count them on one hand! Delicious, and something I don’t feel guilty about putting in my belly.


I was also able to try their three raw honey options. I usually add honey to my tea, or with peanut butter on toast, but this honey is delicious with all sorts of things! I really enjoy pairing it with granola and fruit in the morning, or even with a bowl of yogurt. The natural sweetness is spectacular and so delicious.


If you are looking for a delicious and organic way to add some sweetness into your life, try out this amazing brand!