Florals & the Great Outdoors

Have you ever been shopping and spotted an item hanging that immediately grabbed your attention? Well that was me with this dress. My eyes first caught a glimpse of the beautiful pale pink and sketched floral print which drew me in. From there it was the beautiful pleating, lightweight chiffon fabric and dainty metallic belt. And the next thing I knew; it was in my hands and I was headed for the fitting room!


I absolutely love everything about this beautiful dress. The length is perfect if you are on the taller size, which I am. It is double lined and has a self tying back accent. I really enjoy wearing dresses like this outdoors, I know that may sound out of place, but beautiful dresses and natural landscapes just go hand in hand. Especially with this amazing floral print!


I decided to style this dress on a more casual side with sandals and no accessories. This dress really doesn’t need anything extra! I think this would make an excellent addition to any spring wardrobe, as it is perfect for attending spring and summer weddings, garden parties, or any social gathering you feel like looking extra spectacular for. So the next time you are shopping and something catches your eye, give it a chance and try it on!



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