Fun Ways to Dress Up White Shorts

Summertime means shorts…well it definitely does if you live in Texas! My favorite shorts to wear are these white rolled cuff denim ones from Old Navy. I just love the fit, length and stretch they offer! But the trick here is…how do you dress them up?

Shorts are super fun to wear, and the keep you cool, but lets face it, they are a casual piece of clothing. But as summer approaches, and the temperatures rise, dressing up gets very difficult and sometimes downright impossible! Which is why I wanted to brainstorm ways to create cute, wearable ensembles incorporating shorts that are chic enough you could brunch, shop, and even socialize in.


That is how I landed on this combination! This lightweight Calvin Klein top is designed in a stretch material, that features a split neck design and roll-tab sleeves. The weight of the material allows the top to hang just right, as the print sets a cooling chic tone. To top off the look, I paired it with stacked bracelets, 50’s inspired sunnies and espadrille wedges. What takes this look from casual, to chic, is the wedges and the design of the top. Adding a modern print, 3/4 length sleeves, and a slightly dressy shoe, completely morphs the ensemble.

20170225_08523620170225_0850310So don’t be afraid to rock your favorite shorts at your next get-together! With the right pair of shoes and printed top, you can turn this said-to-be casual wardrobe piece into a chic complementary item.