Rodeo 2017 Looks Food and Concerts

Living in Houston all of my life means that the Rodeo is a yearly go-to event for me. With over 20 live entertainers, massive carnival, and a rodeo performance every night, there is a show for everyone. This year I attended two nights seeing Fifth Harmony, and Chris Young. I will tell you, although the rodeo is the same time of year, every year, the weather sure is not! Some years it is blazing hot, others it has been windy and cold, so planning ahead on your rodeo attire isn’t always optimal. But the one thing I will say you can prepare for yearly is a lot of walking, so comfort is key when it comes to your footwear! This year I decided on dresses and flat boots for both shows, and was comfortable as well as temperature appropriate both nights.

For Fifth Harmony, I decided on a long-sleeve dress from Armoire.Amore. It was very windy that day, and was going to get cooler by nightfall, so I chose my faux suede fringe boots to complete the look. Also I would like to add that if you are attending the rodeo, that means you are going to be eating some amazingly good–bad for you food! I chose the bbq route this year, but there is always the chance that I might sample a deep fried oreo, twinkie, or some other form of sugary goodness! Because of this, I like to wear looser fitting clothing to the rodeo- haha! I’ve got to stay comfortable no matter how much I decide to eat.

For Chris Young it was a much warmer day so I chose a patchwork print chiffon dress and cowboy boots. This also was my first time rocking the top knot, which was a lot of fun! I decided on this ensemble to keep cool, while still fitting the rodeo spirit. Everyone loves to dress up at the rodeo, I have just learned over the years to find a happy medium between rodeo fashion and wearability. Heels and jeans will have you miserable before the night is over, and with it being rodeo season, I want to enjoy every minute of it- not waste it whining!

I hope my styling tips inspire you to think outside of the box in creating your western wear ensembles. There is a look for you, no matter how country or country at heart you are!