Vacationing in Mexico Photo Diary

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Mexico. On this trip, we would be stopping in Mazatlan, Mexico City and Durango. This was my first time to go into the country (aside from border cities) and I was very excited to explore, try local foods, and take in the culture!

Here I will share a brief photo diary of what all I experienced in a nutshell. I honestly had a wonderful time, and cannot wait to go back! There is so much Mexico has to offer! From mountains to beaches, remote locations to major cities–not to mention gorgeous architecture! For me, the flight was only about 2 hours, so this getaway is totally doable for a weekend trip or 3 day holiday.


Although our trip was in October, it was quite toasty in Mazatlan! Shorts and dresses kept me cool throughout the few days we spent there. We stayed to the Park Royal Hoteles Resort, which had an amazingly breathtaking view of the ocean from their infinity pool. For dinner, we opted for poolside service not to miss a minute of the gorgeous sunset. Exploring Mazatlan was a bit of a task in the heat, but we drove out to the strand and watched cliff divers jump into the clear blue-green water and marveled and their skill of perfectly diving between the rocks.


Mountains, markets, and museums…Durango has it all! This beautiful city is centrally located, and offers many scenic locations. I enjoyed the variety of museums and local goods the city had to offer. (especially mango chamoy popsicles)

Mexico City