How a Fashion Blogger Packs for Rome: Using ONLY a Carry On

Traveling to a new destination is always fun, and exciting, but can also be very nerve racking. To ease my nerves as much as possible, I reduce the amount of products I travel with. By only taking a carry on, I avoid long baggage check lines, additional fees, and extra time at the airport.

I always thought being prepared for any and every possible situation by packing “everything but the kitchen sink’ was smart, but ultimately I just got weighed down carrying heavy bags, and would arrive with way more than I could ever wear. On top of that, more items means more to keep up with and remember. Honestly, it is much easier to buy an umbrella if it rains, than attempt to pack one and never need it.

As a blogger, I would say I pack more than the bare minimum, but at the same time, do not over do it. For this particular trip, I am packing for a 6 day vacation to Rome. It is January so the weather there is in the low to mid 40’s. I decided chunky sweaters and layering pieces would be my best bet for style and warmth.

The only negative about packing sweaters is they take up A LOT of space. Luckily, I have space saver bags to assist me! The particular bags I purchased come in assorted sizes and do not require the use of a vacuum. (I will link similar bags here if you are interested.)

The first image is of everything I need to bring, clothing wise.

I then removed my travel outfit, boots, and coat, as those pieces won’t actually be packed.

And then I began to place my items into the space saver bags.

Upon finishing, this is what my stack looked like.

Everything fit perfectly into my bag with space to spare! Not only do the space saver bags provide you with more precious luggage space, they also protect your clothing from spills! I personally enjoy that they are clear so you can see exactly what is in each bag before opening.

If you are curious as to where my purse, chargers, makeup etc. are? Those are in my “personal item.” Instead of taking a backpack, I have decided on a large tote to carry all of these items, as shown below.

Traveling “light” has really worked well for me over the years. I am a nervous traveler by nature so anything I can implement to ease my nerves, and make travel more enjoyable, I am on board for!

I hope this is helpful for anyone out there who has difficulty when it comes to packing, and if you have any tips that work well for you, feel free to comment with them below! 🙂

Happy traveling everyone!