I recently had the opportunity to travel to Louisiana, and stay at the beautiful Houmas House. All I can say about this plantation is; it’s totally breathtaking and…when can I go back? Every little detail of the property is perfectly thought out and elegant. Walking through the beautiful gardens on property will seriously transport you through time. All thoughts of city life seem to fade away and its just you, in the moment.


Our cottage was decorated to perfection and included a sitting room, working desk, and coffee bar. I loved all of the wood accented carvings and antique furnishings. No detail was left unturned, and even though our group took up the majority of the cottages, you still felt the quiet and peacefulness the vast plantation and gardens had to offer.




We ate at the restaurant on property which was decorated beautifully and was beyond elegant. I was taken aback by the size of the main room and the vast table we were served at. Each chair was upholstered and armed. Mixed patterns added charm to the room and the high ceiling with intricate carved crown molding and crystal chandeliers seriously gave the appearance of old world glamour and timeless beauty.



Thankfully while here the weather was pleasant, and the mosquitoes were tolerable, as I have an allergy and would have not been able to explore the grounds otherwise. I took full advantage of daylight and walked the beautiful gardens taking in all they had to offer.


Now, what brought me to Baton Rouge  may not be what you have expected. No, I did not come out for vacation or to see the sights but actually to volunteer with the Red Cross and assist in the efforts of helping the victims in need after the devastating floods hit that region.


This was my first time volunteering with the Red Cross so I was a bit anxious and unsure of what to expect. All I knew is I wanted to help in anyway I could, and give back. After checking in I was assigned warehouse duty and spent my time volunteering loading totes of cleaning/household supplies into care packages, being prepped to be delivered to families in need. It took some practice but before long we were a streamlined assembly line. I’m not going to lie, this was hard work but is totally fulfilling. Knowing that my time and work was doing going to help someone else in need is an amazing feeling. Being sore and uncomfortable for a few days seemed trivial in compassion, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to help out.

I definitely recommend volunteering if you are able to. It is an amazingly fulfilling and humbling experience and touches so many lives! Also, if you are looking for a wonderful place to stay near Baton Rouge I would hands down recommend the Houmas House! It was so wonderful, I could not have asked for a better stay.