Bracelets For A Cause

So for those who know me, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to style up an outfit with is a great bracelet. I trend to be an animated speaker so my arm candy needs to always be on point. 😉 When I came across Luca-Love bracelets, I knew I needed to try them out.

When purchasing from Luca-Love you are not only purchasing a beautifully crafted bracelet, but you are helping someone in need. Each and every bracelet is crafted by a Colombian woman, giving her the opportunity of employment, and a skill to provide income to her family. Not only that, but Luca-Love also partners with many non-profit organizations so your purchase goes towards these endeavors as well!

Their website is super easy to navigate and I love how you can get creative when selecting your perfect stack. All macrame bracelets are complementary to one another and are offered in a variety of colors.

I have to tell you, after receiving my order the compliments, and positive feedback began flooding in. I chose a very neutral palette for my first stack and could not have been happier with it! There is a perfect balance between sparkle and natural elements. So you can literally wear them with everything!

Paulina, the brilliant mind behind Luca Love, was so kind as to send me a few additional pieces which I have started to incorporate, and LOVE! The glimmering turquoise is such a fun color and I really enjoy wearing it.

This small statement makes such a huge impact, and I must say, it’s so nice to feel good about what you are wearing. Not only because it is a cute accessory but because each piece goes towards a greater good. Each bracelet tells a story, and you get the privilege to spread the word! Be the change and make a difference this month! Support a wonderful cause and be proud to wear these beautiful bracelets wherever you go. I know I do. <3

Featured brand: Luca-Love

Bracelets featured:

  • Baru
  • Dani Fatima Hand in Satin
  • Ally in Sepia and Gold
  • Maite
  • Luca Tree of Life in Satin and Gold
  • Juan Fish Hook in Turquoise and Silver


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