Setting Goals & Staying Positive

Since I can remember I have always been a planner. I like to set goals for myself and a timeline to reach them in. The problem with goals is, if you hit a bump in the road or wander off track, it can get discouraging.

This discouragement can lead to stress, anxiety, sadness and ultimately the abortion of your goal. For myself, to give up on a goal, or dream is devastating. This really takes a toll on me as a person and is not a way I like to feel. I start to question my strengths, abilities and self worth “maybe I’m not as great as I thought”. Because of this, when I am planning for the future and setting my goals, I have learned to set myself up with an ambitious but achievable timeline, and a clear path for success.

2016-08-10_19.51.321. I write everything out like a map so that I can clearly visualize my goal and what it will take to achieve it.

2. Keep some positive affirmations handy to banish those negative and discouraging thoughts. I have found the best place to leave these encouraging words is in my task journal so that I can always flip to it an recharge my brain with positive juices!


3. When setting up my goals I provide myself with wiggle room. Let’s say my goal is to save $500.00 in a month. I will give myself a “low” goal to meet of $450.00 and a high goal of $550.00. That way, I have the opportunity to surpass my goal but do not have to feel defeated if I come up a bit short.

Our busy lives are constantly moving and our “planned-out” day can turn upside down in a moments notice. Doctors appointments, air conditioning goes out, vet visits, parties, dates, etc. All sorts of unscheduled last minute things can pop up that we didn’t plan for, and that’s okay. That is life, and you cannot plan out every moment. For someone such as myself, this is extremely difficult. I like to know what I am doing, where I will be, what I need to wear, how the weather is, how much money it will cost, the works! But the truth is I cannot always know, and I cannot always be prepared and need to be okay with that. Luckily I am learning as I go and setting myself up for success is getting easier and easier.

4. Finally, be okay with not meeting your goal the first time around. If I set a goal for myself and fall short of even my “low” goal I won’t give up, but re-evaluate my strategy.   This way when I try again the next month, I will have the understanding of my mistakes from the first attempt and set myself up for success the next.


The key to success is understanding yourself. What drives you, and what keeps you motivated? This is what will keep you on track to meet your goals. For me, it is reminders and updates. I like to keep track of my progress to be able to see where I started, and where I am today. Whatever works for you is what is right for you. The great thing is there isn’t a wrong way to plan for your future. It is all up to you! Now get out there and start setting yourself up for success!




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