How I Care For My Color Treated Red Hair

I recently decided to try something new and have my  hair colored red. After a consultation with my stylist I decided on a rose gold color melt to blonde and have loved the results! In case anyone was wondering, before I went red, my hair was had 2 inches of new growth and blonde balayage highlights.

I love to change the color of my hair pretty frequently. It’s fun, but can be quite damaging if done too often and incorrectly. Luckily I have a wonderful stylist who takes care of my hair to insure it does not loose its integrity. The reason why I thought it would be great to post my regimen for red color is because the dye fades extremely quickly. The regimen I follow helps to keep my locks red and vibrant as in between treatments as well as healthy. So let’s get started!


First my regimen consists of Joico Color Infuse Red Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo is a dark pigmented red, so to get it to your desired color for wash, it is best to add shampoo or a conditioner to lighten the color. I mix in a coconut shampoo until the the color changes to a mauve pink. I apply the shampoo to my roots and let it sit for a minute or two then pull it through the rest of my hair before rinsing.


Then twice a week I use the conditioner, which is a dark red shade with a thick consistency. I apply argan conditioner to lighten the shade of this as well before applying all over my hair.


After washing, I apply R&B Hair Moisturizer by Lush to damp hair starting at the roots then comb through and blow dry. After this step I’m ready for bed! I would also like to add that I sleep on a satin pillowcase as it is great for my hair and skin. In the morning I either straighten or curl my hair.  The reason I wait to style is to reduce the amount of heat I apply to my hair at once.


Since my hair had to be bleached before it was able to achieve this brilliant red shade it can get dry, so it is best not to wash everyday. In between washes I like to use Batiste to keep my hair fresh and looking its best.

These are my tips for red hair. So far they have really worked well for me. If you have color treated red hair and have some tips and tricks for keeping it looking vibrant longer, please let me know! I love trying out new techniques and products for hair!

Until next time!


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