Dallas Trip: Rose Gold & Florals

I recently took a road trip to Dallas to get my hair done, and spend a short weekend away with my mom. I don’t get to spend much quality time with just her anymore and was really looking forward to it.

Luckily Dallas is just under 4 hours from Houston so a road trip is totally do-able! Our first stop was to the salon where I had my locks transformed from honey blonde balayage to a rose gold melt! This process takes some time….(I’m not going to lie) and by some time, I mean about 2.5 hours but my stylist was prepared with Netflix and “Friends” so we were set and before I knew it, I was all done! I had decided on wearing and blue floral dress, knowing I love how red hair and blue look and to my excitement it didn’t disappoint.


This particular dress is from Modcloth. As soon as I saw it on their site, I immediately added it to my cart. There was just something about it. To me, it screamed summer! It is totally comfortable and the print is lively and cool. I was a little concerned with the fit when ordering as it looked short and I am tall but it fit perfectly paired with flats.

Our next stop was to Sam Moon to check out accessories and shoes. I had never been to a Sam Moon before so as soon as I stepped inside I was like a kid in a candy store! Sooo many glittering accessories offered at amazing prices! I had to reign myself in and was a good girl picking up 8 pieces, only spending around 45 dollars. Next stop was Daiso, a Japanese 1.50 store! This is one of my favorite places to pick up facial masks, candy, and stationary. I of course loaded up as we do not have a Daiso in Houston; Dallas is the closest location so when I go, I stock up!!

After that it was time to head to the hotel. We were staying at the Hilton Anatole. I have stayed there before but not since the on site water park had opened and all I can say is wow! The grounds are breathtaking and the artwork is magnificent, but to offer an on site water park with twisting slides and a lazy river?! You cannot get any better! Once we got settled in there was no reason to go anywhere else for the night. There is plenty of entertainment and restaurant accommodations in-house! We walked the grounds and appreciated the art, spotted a rabbit snacking on some grass, and visited the water park-all before sunset. After, we stopped for dinner at Media and had an amazing chicken chopped salad.


For the next day I chose to keep things casual with white shorts and a 3/4 length sleeve mint top. When I go on weekend trips I like to pack light so I coordinate my ensembles to easily pair with one pair of shoes. In this instance I picked a simple pair of laser cut nude flats.


I would say this trip was a success. I was able to change up my look, spend some quality time with my mom, have a bit of retail therapy and most importantly relax. It is always nice for a change of scenery, and to shake things up from your regular routine. Taking some time for yourself isn’t selfish it is healthy and rejuvenating. For me, it reminds me of what I am thankful for and clears my mind of all of the negatives so that I can come back strong, recharged and clear minded. Ready to conquer the road ahead. So remember to take some time for yourself this upcoming month whether it be a weekend away, a day shopping, or even an hour nap- just something for yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 🙂