Achieve & Keep Your Summer Glow Year Round: For the Palest of Pale

When the weather starts to heat up I know my alabaster skin no longer becomes acceptable. I am the palest person I know, so when everyone starts to get sunkissed and tan I look like an ill zombie. Luckily over the years I have discovered a few wonderful products to keep my skin healthy and looking season appropriate. These products will be sure to keep your pale skin looking its best no matter what the season!

Let me first start off by saying I do not use tanning beds. Yes, I know they are an option but with skin cancer running in my family that is just not an option for me. I also do not find premature wrinkles or leathering of the skin cute. In saying that, if tanning works for you, go for it! I just don’t have enough “tanning juice” in my skin to make it worth the money, time, or future damage.


What I have discovered is that bottled tan CAN look natural and amazing on pale skin. After trying out spray tans and multiple fake bakes Loreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer is what works best for me. To apply it, I use the Saint Tropez application mitt. It gives me the perfect streak-free application! Before I purchased that mitt I was a hot mess once the product dried so I highly recommend a mitt for application of ANY self-tanning lotion. The only negative I have for this product is the smell. Like most fake tanning lotions, they have an odor. This one is not horrible, but if you sweat it sort of starts to smell like a dirty mop. :/

For an outer anytime glow I use the Lush Black Stockings and Shimmy Shimmy for a light touch of color and a beautiful shimmering sparkle.


To keep my skin healthy and moisturized, I use the Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter . Though this is not tanning related the scent reminds me of summer and it keeps my skin looking its best.

For summer fragrance my number one choice is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. It is a warm yet sweet scent perfect for any maxi dress or day at the beach. I also love Vanillary from Lush. The fragrance is perfect for any occasion and stays all day!


For my face, the cosmetic products I reach for most to achieve a beach babe look are the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated in Luminous, and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer. These two are the perfect face products to create a natural, healthy looking glow. I would also like to add that though both of these products are a bit on the pricier side (Estee Lauder at $39.00 and Urban Decay at $30.00), they are well worth the investment! You actually receive a generous amount of product in both that will last you for quite some time.



Aside from these products I always carry around a chapstick and sunglasses to product my eyes and lips from the harsh rays of the sun. I feel everyone should protect their skin but as an extremely pale person, I feel it is even more imperative to do so, as it gets damaged so easily.

With these products you can celebrate summer year round without looking ridiculous or harming your skin. And the best part is, when you want to go back to your normal self, it comes right off!

Until next time <3



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