Wear What You Like

Lately I have definitely been on a dress kick. It all started what I noticed I had gained a little weight. My more form fitting clothing did not look the way I was comfortable with it looking so I decided dresses were my best bet for looking my best and discreetly covering up those extra pounds. In the process I started to focus on a more healthy lifestyle by getting back on track with regular exercise and becoming for conscious of the foods I was consuming. By doing so, I ended up dropping nearly 9 pounds and lost that run down tired feeling, but noticed I still was really digging dresses. I started purchasing more and more and now they are my everyday look at work, not because I felt I had to wear them ,but because I felt great in them!


There is something about how one clothing item can be your whole outfit, and how you decide to accessorize it, determines it’s level of dressiness. I personally love to casualize a dress and make it everyday wearable as seen in the images I have attached. This olive medallion burnout style dress could easily be paired with heels and a sparkling statement necklace or a tailored leather jacket for some edge but instead, I paired it with faux suede fringe booties and an owl origami necklace for a touch of added texture and shine. This look could be worn to lunch, the mall or school. I personally love it for work or running errands. The dress style is so comfortable for all day wear and involves no tugging or re-adjusting. I love to feel confident and comfortable in my clothing, no matter the size. And I realized that I wasn’t feeling confident because I was hiding myself in dresses, I was feeling confident because I like how dresses look on and how transitional they are.


Dresses were there when I needed them, and now I wear them because I simply love them! confidence is key when I step into a garment. If I’m not feeling it I wont wear it and the great this about dresses is I’m happy in them no matter the size.

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  1. Love this and how true it rings for so many! My go to comfort zone is denim, I love how I feel in great fitting jeans or a trendy denim jacket! Your blog is awesome, and I look for ward to more!

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